Welcome, MHS is a charitable organisation which offers support
to people who, for whatever reason, are experiencing a
mental health problem.

This could range from difficulty in coping with life experiences and the anxiety this brings, to more serious problems such as depression or schizophrenia. At MHS we offer welcoming practical support and aim to assist the many people concerned to achieve independence, and to prevent deterioration in their condition and or situation when they become unwell.


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We are assisting with Bedale Car Boot on Saturday 16th July for which we receive a proportion of the gate takings.

Access to Bedale Park is from the North End of the town opposite St Gregory’s Church.

Sales start at 6:30 am and finish at 2:00 pm and a charge of £8 per car and £12 per van, car & trailer etc. is payable at the gate.

The sales are supervised by Sockjohn Promotions and all sellers and visitors wishing to park will be directed to specific locations within the park.

Hopefully see you bright and early!